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KIP & CAF Projects

Course Materials Digitization

Purpose: Convert at least 450 of AU’s courses into a consistent online format (XML) to streamline course development and delivery. Create new jobs in rural Alberta to stimulate local economies.

Background: This project involved partnerships with Portage College in St. Paul, St. Clement Catholic School in Grande Prairie, and Edwin Parr Composite High School in Athabasca. These schools provided work space for Course Materials Digitization staff.

Status: This project was successfully completed on March 31, 2011. Over 500 of AU’s 730 courses were converted to XML, significantly surpassing the original project goal of converting 450 courses.

The Course Materials Digitization project also employed 26 people in Athabasca, 26 people in Grande Prairie, and 29 people in St. Paul. These project team members have broadened their career opportunities by acquiring new technical and collaboration skills.
Connections to other KIP and CAF projects: The XML course content is stored and managed in Alfresco-based systems that have been developed in part through funding from KIP.