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KIP & CAF Projects

Open Knowledge Environment (OKE) Program

AU’s $7.65 million Open Knowledge Environment (OKE) Program will refine and recharge IT infrastructure across the university.

More than 30 cutting-edge and inventive KIP initiatives currently make up the program that will boost instruction and research at AU through the use of online technology.

Funded in part by the Knowledge Infrastructure Program (KIP) – these projects will significantly improve the university’s computing capacity in many areas, including student services. The province have also contributed money to the OKE initiative.

KIP is a federal government funding initiative (in some cases with matching funds from the province) aimed at renewing Canada’s college and university infrastructure and injecting economic stimulus into local communities across Canada. 

The projects outlined here have all been greatly facilitated by the Knowledge Infrastructure Program (KIP) grant. In some cases the KIP grant will be the sole source of funding, whereas in others it represents a crucial component to initiating, maintaining or completing the initiative.

KIP is essential to the ongoing success of these projects but is not the sole source of funding.